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23rd of September:

Hartmannsweilerkopf is the main focus today. On the existing page a document to a soldier killed in action has been added, a soldier of the "Devils Regiment", found HERE

The Sturmbataillon 16 along with the Flamethrowers of the Garde Reserve Pionier Regiment carried out raids on the Hartmannsweilerkopf. A rare Iron Cross document and description of the action can be found HERE

3rd of September

The first page dealing with the changing structure of the German Army has been added. it deals with Supply troops and should be of help to collectors. Info is mainly gleaned from the Cron bible. Click Here.

An Iron Cross related For Sale/Trade section has been added at the following link HERE

2nd of September

A start to the section on fake EK documents. Hopefully it will stay small :-) Click HERE

9th of August.

The Iron Cross document to Major Freiherr von Bülow, one of the main perpetrators of the Sacking of Louvain, with a period article, can be found here.

8th of August.

A short introduction to the Flamethrower troops including a picture of a special print Iron Cross document to the regiment can be found here...

31st of July

Well, a slight step away from Award docs. I have done a small write up on a named tunic I have. The owner, Hauptmann Jonkheer de Casembroot, served in the 6th Fiels Artillery Regiment and fought on the Somme and at Passchendaele. I was lucky enough to find some mentions of him and his unit in action. Click HERE

28th of July.
Some nice awards and pictures as well as an account of the R.I.R. 94 rearguard and the capture of Petit Thiolet. Sent by Tony Neal in honour of Adolf Döring.

5th of July.

Added to the Assault Divisions is a chapter on the Elite Alpenkorps

The 2nd Bavarian Jaeger Battalion at La Transloy in 1914

29th of June.

I have a weakness for a handfull of German Divisions, usually the ones classified as "Assault Divisions". I have started a section that will have a bit of information on these units, the first one being the 10th Reserve Division, a unit that saw some of the heaviest fighting in the war.

I have also added some unpublished period photographs of the battlefield to the Verdun section... look amongst the shellholes and tree stumps and you can see a soldier or two....

25th of June

A new page of machine gunner pics has been added thanks to Tony... click HERE

21 June
A nice addition to the site, thanks again to Tom Young for helping out... The 10th Reserve Division meeting the French attack on the Aisne... see HERE

17th of June...

For the collector... a tool to help you understand the documents you have in your hand... click HERE

15th of June

At last something new... a section on the Nivelle Offensive, the first part up deals with the Bavarians fighting on the Aisne and has some interesting award documents. A big thanks to Tom Young for a lot of help on this.....

I have been a way for a while so not much happened, a few new machinegunner pics to be found here.

5th of May.
An important roll of Officers serving in the South African Mounted Brigades in German East Africa 1916-1917.

18th of April..

The opening of the section on Machine Gunners, the first pages of the phot album are up...

16th of April

Hermann Wentzel of the R.I.R. 212 fought at Bixschoote where he lost his leg during the pullout.

10th of April.

Michael D. Robson has provided some wonderful information to greatly improve on the page dealing with a Gurkha/Ghurka trench raid near Arsuf. It is well worth a read.

9th of April.

Hamakari was one of the opening action at the beginning of the campaign to exterminate the Herero. Heinrich Teske, a gunner in the 5th field batterys award documents are shown along with a description of the fighting by Major Max Bayer

8th of April

German counter attacks on the Somme cause heavy losses for the 84th and 86th Reserve infantry Regiments.

8th of April.

One of the bravest acts I have ever read about... an act of bravery with no reward. Documents to an officer in the same sector are used to illustrate the article.

7th of April

The 39. Füsilier Regiment attacks to the east of Rheims in the Spring of 1918. A description of their advance and an Iron Cross awarded for the action.

A very complete section on the battle of Sandfontein, South Africa's first action of the first World War.

6th of April

A Bavarian Silver Bravery Medal award to Pionier Max Stark who risked his life at Verdun to save a comrade.

1st of April.

A German overview of the battle on the Somme.

28th of March

A bit added to the "Battles" page, the yearly overviews have been finished.

25th of March

Have started to list the Iron Cross documents shown, numerically by regt.
This can be found here.

And a superb set of documents to a Machine gunner who volunteered, but survived a suicide mission as well as the Iron Cross document to the German soldier from one of the regiments that attacked his positions.

Older updates can be found HERE.