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11th of November

The men of the 11th Bavarian Infantry Division hear the dead calling out to them on the Styr and Stochod rivers. An account and Iron Cross document to the Division HERE

8th of November
A section on the observation balloons (Feldluftschiffer) can be found HEREHERE
The Feldluftschiffer section was done quickly as I was busy adding the documents to the For Sale page HERE
A section describing the Active, Reserve, Landwehr, landsturm, Ersatz etc was kindly provided by Glenn Jewison... See HERE

6th of November
Some large changes to the medical section with links to eyewitness accounts and Sturmbataillon Rohr award documents HERE

31st of October
Some new pics added to the machinegun photo album HERE

30th of October.

A section on the medical services with (so far) a page on the stretcher bearers and the horrors they experienced. HERE

26th of October.

The 12th bavarian Infantry Regiment suffered terrible losses at Verdun in mid 1916. Richard Mosers Iron cross document and the story of one mans agony can be found HERE

Leutnant Theodor Günther was badly wounded on the Somme but lived to fight another day. To see his awards and text click HERE

19th of October

The section of the Kraftfahrtruppen or Motor Vehicle Troops has been added to the German army section. page one has a dry description of the evolution of the branch, there are also two links to what I hope are exciting accounts of truckers at the front illustrated with Iron Cross award documents to truckers. Click HERE

15 October.

The fighting on les Eparges/Combres Heights in April 1915. Pictured is Hauptmann Mensch with his Iron Cross document. A description of the fighting is included. Click HERE

Last days of September...

The Supply page has been improved and added to.. click HERE

Landsturmmann Martin Kreutz served in a Bespannte Abteilung and later in a Fußartillerie ammunition column. He fought on the Maas and mosel, at Verdun and near Rheims. His Iron Cross document and a description of the conditions he fought under can be found HERE.

Vizewachtmeister d.Ldw.I Friedrich Karl Utz was a Württemberger who served for the full duration of the war earning the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class. His award documents and a tribute to the ammunition supply soldiers can be found HERE

Willi Engelke and August Kruse served in supply columns and were decorated for supplying the front lines on the Somme and at Verdun (amongst other sectors), there documents and a description of supply columns in action can be found HERE

Along with the soldiers millions of horses suffered and died during WW1. Sgt Alwin Büttner and Korpsstabsveterinar Kutzner served in the Horse hospitals that were essential for treating the sick and wounded. Iron Cross documents and text can be found HERE