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20th of March....

The biggest change is a huge history of the war in German South West Africa 1914-15 with many very good maps.

Second is the launching of a project to give short histories of the battles of the First world war... brief overviews that explain the broad overviews of sometimes very confusing battles and incidents... this will take years to complete...

And a nice researched Purple Heart to an American who was gassed in the Meuse Argonne offensive.

15th of March

Field artillery in mobile warfare... it can spoil the infantryman's day. On the 22nd of August 1914 the 27th Field Arty. Regt. caused havoc at Bertrix. A big thanks to Bruce Gudmundsson, without his work on the subject the article would never have happened.

14th of March

The medals of Lt William Owen, blinded at Sandfontein in German South West Africa, possibly the first South African casualty of the first world war.

13th of March

A group that was a pleasure to research, to a Sturmtruppler of the 10th Reserve Division in "a pestilent corner", Height 304 at Verdun

A divisional commendation certificate to a Bavarian captain and a Croix de Guerre certificate to his French opponent can be found with a write up right.... Here.

10th of March

Two new pages.

First off, an Iron Cross and a death in Combat. Documents related to two men of the 73rd and 78th Reserve Infantry Regiments who were in the line the day of the major French assault on the Hartmannsweilerkopf.

A Sturmabteilung man of the 11th R.I.R. and his documents. He fought in the Karpathans, Italy and in Flanders.

New on the 9th of March:

A gas victim. Richard Wahl suffered gas poisoning on the west bank at Verdun (Forest of Avocourt and Malancourt) with the 120. Landwehr Infanterie Division.

A furious 51. Reserve Division assault on Height 185 ( Höhe 185 ), "The devil on the mountain".

Fighting on the Reichsackerkopf, another largely unknown battlefield, a Private of the 92. R.I.R.

4th of March

Some documents and some text about the 60. I.R. and their attack on the quarry at Vaux. Franz Heinz disappeared on that day..

The Croix de Guerre to Henri Cuillerier of the 288eme R.I., awarded just after the offensive at La Malmaison.

3rd of March part3

With the kind permission of Jack Sheldon patrollers on the Somme, accompanied by texts from Jack's book.

An engine driver killed by the British bombardment on the Somme, a member of the 26. R.D. field railways.

3rd of March part2

Of little interest to the Western Front buffs but essential and rare info for those interested in the war in Africa 1914-18 are the following links.

An order of battle for the rebellion and the campaign in GSWA. Very interesting as the jumble of commandos is usually very confusing and I am unaware of any other work that puts all the units in their place.

A list of the killed, wounded and POWs for the battle at Sandfontein / Zandfontein. Essential for those with the Transvaal Horse Artillery medal or SAMR medal group.

Brig. Gen. Mckenzie's report of Central Force and the battle of Gibeon, including the casualty list and some commendations.

A list of the South African military KIAs for the rebellion and GSWA. Should be credited to a long gone internet site, but the guy dropped off the face of the earth years ago and I have no idea who it was.

3rd of March

In the casualties section there are now three pages, one of which is also in the Croix de Guerre section.

First off is a small group to a German artilleryman who was killed on the Somme, Walter Heine can be found here.

The Volpert brothers served in the same regiment and were both killed in Flanders.

Armand Detrus was a French stretcher bearer killed in action at Verdun. His items are linked from the Casualty and the Croix de Guerre section.

2nd of March
In the "In the Trenches" section there is a great bit of action... check out Sebastian Herrling's silver bravery medal and citation. An Unteroffizier of the 12th Bavarian Infantry Regiment.

1st of March:
In the "Raiders" section there is an account of the 159th Infantry Regiment's attack in the "Plague wart" including a commendation certificate to an officer who participated and a few other paper items.

It can be found here

Neuer Absatz