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20th of March
The Iron Cross document to Prinz Adalbert von Bayern, the first award to a member of the 1st bavarian field artillery regiment see HERE

19th of March
Its been a loooong break, but at last something new. Thanks to Paul Hederer the official German actions list for Verdun, including Militätpass entries see HERE

28th of January

Its been some time, but at last something new. An account of the 4th Zouaves attack on les Chambrettes in december 1915, a dramatic battle with the citation of a man who played an important part. see THIS

10th of January.

Well, inspite of a lack of time I have managed to get some good stuff up on the site.

First off.... I am very proud of the "Verdun Hub", a timeline of the battle that links off to the individual pages, documents and award.. see HERE

The Hessens fighting for the Souville Nase see HERE

The 4th Zouaves and Prussian Guards fighting to the west of Souville see HERE

The French Offensive at Verdun on the 24th of October, the sector of the 4th Zouaves see HERE

26th of December
On the 27th of June Soldat 2eme Classe Eugene Guillaume of the 5eme Compagnie was wounded at his post in Front of Souville. His was awarded the Croix de Guerre with a citation at Regimental level. Click HERE to see the award and the circumstances it was awarded under.

15th of December
The confusion in front of Thiaumont Farm in the second week of June 1916. The Documents to men who took part in the fighting and in the patrols, including a Croix de Guerre to Henri Hequette click HERE

The first attack by the new Sturm Abteilung Rohr on the Schratzmännle and the framed pictures which hung on the walls of the parents of one of the first stormtroopers killed in action HERE

The Jägers of the Alpenkorps were ordered to retake the strongpoint of Thiaumont on the 8th of August 1916. With heavy hearts they prepared to refight a battle they had already fought the month before. Click HERE