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13th of December
An brief introduction to the famous Strumbataillon Rohr along with a rare special Iron Cross award document printed for the battalion HERE

The Hessen Infanterie Leib Regiment`s losses in the Caures-Wald on the 22nd of February 1916 were: I. Batl. 8 Killed, 32 wounded. II. Batl. 19 wounded. An account of the fighting and the awards of two of the 1st battalions wounded are shown HERE

8th of December
The Fleury article from yesterday has been added to. The Maurupt page from the 2nd of december as well.

An overview of the Brussilow Offensive in the Heeresgruppe Linsingen sector has been added to... so anyone who finds "Battle between the Styr and Stochod" and "The defensive battle at Kowel" may learn something HERE

7th of December
The terrible fighting at Fleury and Thiaumont in July/August 1916. A number of documents and medals awarded to the participants.

6th of December
Gefreiter Heinrich Müller, a machine gunner in the 77. Infanterie Regiment, was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class after being wounded in the Brussilow offensive. He later took part in the Battle on the Aisne. In 1939 he was awarded a rare GOLD wound badge for wounds suffered 1914-18.

5th of December
A small update to the Sturmtrupp in the Karpathen page with a tie in to the battle on the Lys which is a new coming chapter. Also a new Sturmtrupp picture.

4th of December
The sacking of Louvain. Maybe THE symbol for "Hunishness" during the 14-18 war. An old article with a new addition.

2nd of December

Robert Olbrich won his Iron Cross for a bayonet attack at night at Maurupt in September 1914

1st of December

The Elite may get tired, but they don't loose their spirit. On the last day of the war the 1. Garde Regiment zu Fuß was thrown into battle at Vrigne-Meuse. Pictured with an Iron Cross document to Grenadier Janssen.

30th of November
Approaching the Kemmelberg. During Operation Georg in April 1918 the 11th Bavarian Infantry Division clears the way for the final assault.

26th of November
A page dealing with the Highest commands (Army and Army Group level) has been added HERE

The Evolution of the Infantry regiments 1914-1918 is to be found in THIS new chapter.

23rd of November
A superb Iron Cross 1st class document with a description of the fighting on the Avre in the attempt to take Amiens at the beginning of April 1918

Friedrich Freise of the 74. Infanterie Regiment was wounded by a handgrenade splinter while engaged in mopping up British position in the wake of the 208. I.D. advance during the Michael Offensive/Kaiserschlacht. For awards and documents click HERE

20th of November:
A large section has been put up dealing with the German offensives of 1918.
The Michael offensive or "Kaiserschlacht"
The securing of the Left Flank of the Kaiserschlacht with Operation Archangel.
A description of Bruchmüller's Bombardment for the Michael offensive

And some nice new pictures added to the Machine gun photo album.