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Other1: Crimean era Order of the Mejidie 4th and 5th Class

EUR550 for both

Brit1-3: 3 QSAs, Field Intel, Kitchener's Horse, Graaff-Reinet TG

1) 271 Pte A.J. Joubert Graaff-Reinet Town Guard EUR170

2) Guide H.J. Van Aswegen F.I.D. with bars SA 1901 + OFS EUR380 Unlike most members of the Field Intelligence Division who transferred from British or South African units serving the British  Van Aswegen was recruited as a civilian, very likely a "Joiner", an Ex Boer fighter who changed sides after the fall of the Orange Free State and served as a guide for the British

3) 3411 Tpr H.T. Coetzee Kitcheners Horse Wittebergen, Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Driefontein, Paardeberg, Relief of Kimberly EUR275

Spalte 2

US1 - Meuse Crossing Silver Star Group

"At 4.20P. M. the 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry, and the 2nd Battalion, 61st Infantry, had reached the bank of the river, and the engineers started work on the first bridge. At this moment a tremendous fire of machine guns and artillery burst on the exposed troops with great suddenness. The infantry sought shelter and found it, but the engineers bravely continued at their posts. Shells sank their boats as fast as they could be placed in the water and by 6.00 P. M. no boats were left. " Private John A Byron, 7th Engineers, won a Silver Star trying to build a bridge over the Meuse while under heavy enemy fire"

This group has been fully researched and includes a number of Period Photos of Dun where the award was won.

For research into the action go HERE

For Photos of the area taken on a battlefield trip a couple of years ago HERE (As you can see, I took the silver star back to where it was earned)