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This is possibly the most interesting and re-searchable 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class document you will ever see.

GFM Herman von Eichhorn was assassinated in July 1918 while serving as commander of Army Group Kiev and at the same time as Military Governer of Ukraine.

A small overview of his carrier can be found on Wikipedia

Above: an art print of Von Eichhorn and his Iron Cross document
Spalte 2
Above: The two large Photos on the left, a studio photo of von Eichhorn and a period photo of his grave come from the original grouping, on the left is a selection of von Eichhorn postcards.

Below: The value von Eichhorn placed on his Iron Cross 2nd Class can be seen in the photos below.
Above: A newspaper picturing von Eichhorn and an official Photo of his funeral

The Iron Cross with all pictured photos/Postcards EUR 1550