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"Walking the Battlefield"... for me one of the greatest experiences a collector can have is to walk the battlefield where "your guy" won his medal, wore the helmet or fired the rifle in your collection...

In June 2010 I was able to visit the crossing point of the 5th Division where Private John A Byron, 7th Engineers, won his Silver Star. Below you will find the photos. For a link to the medal and the action please click HERE

Above: The Field Byron and his comrades had to cross to get to the river. The treeline is along the river. In the background you can see Hill 292 on the left and 260 on the right. These were occupied by the Germans.
Above: the view from the German positions on Hill 292. Just below is the road, then the river in the treeline, then the field the engineers had to cross.
Above: The Narrowest point, photo taken from the position where B. Co, 7th Engineers tried to put up their pontoons. The Bridge goes from the East bank, over the river, to the center of the island, the canal runs just behind it in front of the house.
Above: Photo taken from the island. The River Meuse approaches and splits into the river (left) and canal (right). The B. Co bridge was just north of this narrowest point.
Above: a couple of days later the 7th Engineers built a heavy bridge at Dunn. This 5th Division monument stands in front of the local police station. Byron's Silver Star on the Meuse.
Above: The main Bridge in Dunn, the same position where the 5th Division built their heavy bridge.
Above: The French memorial at Dun for all the men of the town killed in the war. There is a large panel (below) honoring the Doughboys killed liberating the village.
To return to the article about the 7th Engineers click HERE