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As the war of movement came to an end and more and more men were put into uniform it was only natural that the quality of the troops diminished. The high command funneled men who were not so fit, not so young and not so aggressive into quieter sectors of the front as line holding divisions. Better divisions were used to hold the line in more active sectors where, it was judged, the older Landsturm soldiers would not be up to the job.

A number of first class divisions were trained specifically as assault divisions, sent to areas to mount an attack, or kept behind the lines as counter attack divisions in sectors where enemy attacks were expected.

Within the lower rated line holding divisions, selected men were trained in raiding and patrolling. There were also specially trained Sturmbattailons at Armee level which were responsible not only for Raids, but also for instructing the regular infantry in assault tactics.

In this section we will cover the Assault Divisions. It is a wide ranging subject and will be a "work in Progress" project. The smaller Sturm units will be covered HERE

The Deutsche Alpenkorps was probably the most well travelled unit in the German Army, rushed from one hotspot to the next.

The 10. Reserve Divison was an Elite unit that took part in some of the bloodiest fighting on the Western front, shutteling between Verdun and the Aisne/Champagne sectors.