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Note from Chairman

Welcome to this the first regular email update from the Gentleman's Military Interest Club. As a registered member of GMIC you will be receiving a monthly email update to keep you up informed of the upcoming changes and improvements to GMIC, as well as updating you on recent topics of interest. You can elect not to receive future emails by logging into your account and electing not to receive emails from the administrator.


The most important thing to inform all members about is the recent server upgrade. GMIC is now has its own dedicated server and as a consequence has become considerably faster and easier to use. If you have been frustrated by the slow speeds and intermittent service posting topics at GMIC then your frustrations are over. Don't believe me ? Well come back and check us out !

GMIC 2012 Photographic Competition

A quick reminder that it is the last few days of the GMIC 2012 Photographic competition. Get those entries in for some great prizes and a chance to feature in the 2013 GMIC Calendar.


Now that we are on a dedicated server, costs to keep GMIC running have significantly increased. More than ever we are relying on donations or even better regular members to take out voluntary annual membership subscriptions. Essentially we are a free service, but to maintain that free community spirit does require some contribution, even if it is not a regular payment. Any donations are very welcome.

Announcing Advertising

One thing historically I have always been against is sponsorship in the form of advertising. However the reality is that to keep GMIC going and to maintain a free service I find myself between a rock and a hard place. Therefore I am considering placing advertisement’s that are Militaria related from carefully selected companies and businesses. My first preference is publishing companies for Military books or Military researchers. So watch this space. But rest assured all adverts will be discreet and will not interfere with your enjoyment of GMIC and more importantly will not compromise it’s independence.

Topics of the Month

In each newsletter we would like to draw attention to two topics and invite you to contribute Photographs and information.

Only the Dead have seen the end of war…
In this thread in the “Themes” forum we cover Militaria and Memorabilia honoring citizens of all nations in all conflicts. From official death notices of German soldiers, to the watch of a relative killed in action, medals to the Next of kin of members of the IRA… this thread is a monument to those killed in action

Panzer Assault Badge

Dozens of examples are already on the thread, maybe yours is amongst those we are still missing

Best Wishes

Nick & Your GMIC team.