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Award Documents

This Page regroups the Sturm Bataillon Rohr Documents shown elsewhere on the site.

For an introduction to the SB Rohr please go HERE

Above Left : Leutnant d. Res. Alwin Zirkler, Iron Cross 1st Class
Above Right : Pionier Johann Söker, Iron Cross 2nd Class

Above Left : Iron Cross 2nd Class to Wilhelm Schott, a Medic in the Sturmbataillon Rohr (See HERE)
Above Right : Iron Cross 1st Class to Unteroffizier Adolf Breuer (See HERE)

Above: A wound badge document to Wilhelm Schott

Above: An early version of the Sturmbataillon Rohr EK2 doc to Adolf Breuer (see HERE)
Above: The Hessen Military Medical Cross on combatant Ribbon